What is cosplay ?



Have you ever imagined how is life being a cosplay or what is it ? I bet you didn’t. Let me tell you how it works. Being a cosplay is not as simple as it might seem. Well, a cosplay is more like a hardcore fan, it means that he or she is wearing the exact costume as the character they love the most.Where are these characters from? From games, video games, comic books and so on.
This category of people is taking its ”job” seriously, there is no time for kidding and playing. They believe that behind the costumes, beyond appearances, there is a story, a story to be told, the one they adore. For such people life is more interesting. By wearing costumes, adopting a new life style cosplayers found a new way of expressing themselves.
There are a lot of them in the whole world and for this reason some of them gathered and set up a new program where they hold video sessions weekly and of course, they set up a convention too ,to meet up every year.
It is believed that it was the brightest ideas in the whole cosplay world.
Before discovering this fun and interesting world, many people confronted with self-depreciation, they felt like nobody loved them,they felt useless, ugly but after trying the cosplay experience they observed a great change. Some of them even started making their own costumes manually so that when they wear them, the feeling that you wear something made with your skillful hands is more powerful.
I have a great example. I preset to you John Andersen,a 27 years old and probably the biggest fan of The Witcher. He is a cosplay for 5 years by now and he confessed that being such a fan is hard. He’s got all the costumes necessary, all the weapons and even some life size monsters. He also has a room dedicated to The Witcher. Posters all over the walls, drawings, even more costumes, little monsters and The Witcher himself made by wax. This is the exact image of an ardent fan.John said that after 5 years of cosplaying he feels great, changed and complete, like he is another person. This experience offered him the chance to rediscover himself and to gain a lot more self-confidence.
There are no downsides in being like these people, you get to know new people, you do what you love,gain way more respect for yourself and you can be whoever you always dreamed of: superhero, a ninja,a great fighter and you can have your supernatural powers, all your dreams can come true by having fun, enjoying yourself.
As a friendly advice: live life the way you want, don’t listen to haters (because once ypu become a cosplay a lot of people will try to influence you by throwing random words) do whatever you like, be a cosplay, be a great one and thin possitive. I hope this was useful and now you know what a real cosplay is.

Cosplay, do it yourself!


If you are not a gamer or know someone who is, it’s very possible for you to not know what cosplay means. At its origins cosplay is a shortening of two words: costume and play. Well, now you probably start to have an idea about what it means. If someone is a cosplay, it means that she or he is wearing a costume exactly the same as her or his favorite character. That character can be from games, comic books, anime and many others.

For those who love this kind of entertainment, it is more than a costume. It is a life style and a way to express themselves and the things they love. For them, it is being hold each year a convention where all the people who do cosplay meet each other. It’s an awesome occasion for everyone, because they can meet people whose interests are the same and socialize with them. In this way, they are making new friends from the entire world and can show each other’s their costumes. hemoroizi

One of the most important and awesome thing is that many people make their own costumes manually. You can say that this can be considered art. The joy and satisfaction is bigger when you are wearing a costume made by you, with your own hands! It can take a long time to do it, but you will impress everyone! If you need help, you can watch tutorials!

When you love so much a game, anime or comic book, without realizing you try to be like your favorite character, you imagine yourself how is to be like them, to have such awesome adventures and maybe save the world! After that, you really want to be like them, even for a few hours or days. You can be whoever you want, when you do cosplay: an assassin from Assassin’s Creed; Diablo, The Archangel Tyrael or the Nephalem from Diablo 3; Fiora, Morgana, Tristana, Teemo or Rengar from League of Legends; Kakashi Hatake from Naruto. You can be whoever your favorite character is, it really doesn’t matter who he or she is!

A really good thing is that it gives to you self-confidence! Many people who felt ugly or awkward before they did cosplay, said that after wearing their favorite costume and being who they want, that feeling about themselves changed. They get more self-confidence, because they finally have become who they wanted to. They were a superhero, a champion, an awesome fighter, someone with supernatural powers who save the world! That is the only thing that really matters.

The fact is that doing cosplay makes you be the hero you want, it gives you the occasion to meet people like you and make new friends with the same interests as you and also gives you more self-confidence and happiness! It’s an awesome kind of entertainment and art!