Conveyancing is the process of transferring the ownership of a property from a person to another. Depending on the land’s location, the process of conveyancing will significantly depend on the laws that govern that location. This process involves the exchange of contracts that are signed by the party giving the land and the party receiving the property. The agreement makes the parties legally bound to its terms and conditions.

Period of Conveyancing

The average length that the process will take varies from one case to another; this is approximately 6-8 weeks to complete. The time is dependent on various factors like the complexity of the transaction and the length in which the property chain is attached.

What’s the Cost?

Various elements can affect your conveyancing fees. These include:

• The value of a property since some conveyancers take into account the price of your property

• The tenure of your property – Whether it is a freehold or on a leasehold, this factor affects the conveyancing price due to the different paperwork and legalities associated with each

• Disbursements – Every purchase or sale requires various searches and surveys that influence the fees

You will need A Conveyancer

Whether you want to sell, remortgage, or purchase land, you will need a conveyancer who will oversee the legal requirements of the process to ensure that every step has progressed to completion.

Why go for Conveyancing?

The benefits of choosing this process include:

a. If you have hired a reliable conveyancer, you will not incur any hidden fees since all the necessary costs are in a quote

b. You will be guaranteed peace of mind since every legal activity will be done on your behalf.

c. Conveyancing allows you to track the progress of your process at any time. You will also be receiving email alerts to show you the key milestones that have been met