Video production tips

Be Original

When shooting a video, you should be creative and original. Don’t try to copy someone else idea because that is not right, instead of that; you should conduct a persona and keyword research (marius loland). You should do a lot of research before thinking of producing a video, find out the type of video content that are popular in your industry not only popular but also successful and also ensure that there is no other brand that has done the same thing already.

Plan it out

Planning is always the best in everything; this will guide you on what you are required to do ( In this case, you need to write a script in the first place and then draw a storyboard and create a shortlist before you begin filming. And to have extra footage during editing, you need to plan your b-roll shots properly.

Be selective when choosing video subjects.

You want your video to be perfect. Therefore, you should choose actors that can do the acting well. Pick someone who can memorize lines, who is not shy in front of the camera and someone who can naturally deliver dialogue. It would help if you were very selective when I come to this.

Consider the set carefully.

The set will determine the kind of video you are yet to produce, try shooting your videos in some different beautiful places. Don’t shoot the videos in your office because you can not fool your audience by set dressing your office to look like another different place ( Make your video unique because your audience is keen and can quickly realize the place you shot the videos.

Good sound quality

Your video might be clear yes what about the sound? Ensure that the sound quality of your video is perfect and to get the excellent sound quality you need to use lavaliere or lapel microphones because this two are hands-free. For bigger shots, you can use a microphone and boom setups.